2024 Student Scholarship Competition Application

Be sure to read the instructions here before completing your application.

Applications may be sent beginning February 5, 2024. In addition to completing the application below, you must also send your application fee of $20 for each student ($10 for each junior non-competitor applicant).  Participants who paid to enroll in the Baroque Master Class do not need to pay the application fee.

You must also send a video of yourself performing your audition piece. You may submit a link to your video from a site such as YouTube. You must submit the link at the time you submit your application below. Your video must be made available publicly, but may be unlisted. If you set your video to private, we will be unable to view your video. If it is unlisted, only those to whom you provide the link (like us for instance) will be able to access your video.

For information on uploading videos to YouTube, click here.
For information on YouTube privacy settings, click here.

Application fees should be paid by check made out to “Utah Baroque Ensemble”, with the student’s name on the check, and mailed to:

Utah Baroque Ensemble
c/o Janet Bradford
945 N 910 E
Orem, UT 84097