2023 Award Recipients

The Competition Recital was held in the Library Hall on March 30, 2023. We are pleased to announce the results:

2023 Scholarship Recipient

This year’s winner is Kiersten Robinson, a 12th Grader at Timpanogos High School. She performed Domenico Scarlatti’s piano Sonata in h.

Kiersten Robinson, age 18, has been delighting her family with her piano playing since she was 5. She has been enjoying studying with Daniel Olsen for the last two years, an enjoyable experience for all. She is the second eldest of 5 children and enjoys playing duets with various members of her family. Kiersten has played for her local church, school orchestra, and many piano competitions. She enjoys volunteering, rehabilitating plants, hanging out with family, reading, puzzles, sewing, and romping with her dog.


Non-competitive performances were given by Avonlea Navarro, viola, Sarah Henrie, piano, and Matthew Simper, piano

2022 Award Recipients

We are pleased to announce the winner and finalists of the 2022 Levente Medveczky Student Scholarship Competition.

2022 Scholarship Recipient

This year’s winner is Alina Baron, 16. Alina started her violin adventure at age three by showing a great interest in baroque music. She graduated from the Suzuki program and has enjoyed soloing with the Utah Symphony, Utah Valley Symphony, Utah Philharmonic Orchestra, and Timpanogos Symphony Orchestra. Violin is her main instrument, but she also loves the piano, ukulele, and singing. Alina has a talent for sharing music skills with others. She started tutoring violin at the age of 11 and is the president of Joyful Sounds Children’s Choir where she instructs and leads class learning. She also enjoys spending time with family & friends, playing soccer, school, choir, and being outside.

Alina Baron, violin, 11th Grade, Mountain Heights Academy                                        
Student of Chandelle Fairbanks
J. S. Bach, Partita No. 3 in E Major , Preludio (BWV 1006)


Bottom row, left to right: Madalyn Thiriot, Ella Madsen, Alina Baron, Spencer Lyle.  
Top row, left to right: Kelsey Berges, Katherine Ricks, Zach Richter, Dawson Rasmussen, and Logan Purser.

Madalyn Thiriot, age 17, began playing the violin when she was 5. She recently moved to Utah from North Carolina and is currently a Junior at Viewmont High School. She was thrilled to finally move to Utah and have “in person” lessons with Professor Morgan. On top of violin, Madalyn is the principal clarinet player for the high school band and at her previous high school, ran cross country and played Lacrosse. She has performed at the highest level in youth orchestra’s, community events, and state orchestra’s in Washington, DC, New York, North Carolina, and now Utah. She is currentlv a member of the Conservatory at the Gifted Music School.

Student of LeeAnn Morgan – Junior, Viewmont High School
J. S. Bach, Sonata for Violin Solo, No. 1 in G minor, Presto (BWV 1001) (violin)

Ella Madsen is 17 years old and has been playing the piano since 2012. She is currently studying the piano under Kalo Latu and previously studied under Susan Smith. She has used her love of piano to accompany her congregation’s worship services and perform for her congregation. Ella was recently accepted into Brigham Young University and plans to attend the university in the fall. In her spare time, Ella enjoys reading and going on hikes in Provo Canyon.

Student of Kalo Latu – 12th Grade, Home School
J. S. Bach, Prelude and Fugue No. 10 in E minor (BWV 855) (piano)

This year’s winner is Alina Baron, 16. Alina started her violin adventure at age three by showing a great interest in baroque music. She graduated from the Suzuki program and has enjoyed soloing with the Utah Symphony, Utah Valley Symphony, Utah Philharmonic Orchestra, and Timpanogos Symphony Orchestra. Violin is her main instrument, but she also loves the piano, ukulele, and singing. Alina has a talent for sharing music skills with others. She started tutoring violin at the age of 11 and is the president of Joyful Sounds Children’s Choir where she instructs and leads class learning. She also enjoys spending time with family & friends, playing soccer, school, choir, and being outside.

Student of Chandelle Fairbanks – 11th Grade, Mountain Heights Academy
J. S. Bach, Partita No. 3 in E Major , Preludio (BWV 1006) (violin)

Spencer Lyle, 17, started his journey in music at age six. He is currently a member of the Lyceum Philharmonic in American Fork, and loves both solo and full ensemble playing. He has won several awards/competitions over the years, including two concerto competitions, third place in a statewide chamber music competition, as well as first place in an international music competition. He is currently under the direction of Dr. Jeremy Starr, and has already been accepted into Utah Valley University for further education. Currently Spencer is working on pieces by A. Khachaturian, J.S. Bach, and Ysaÿe.

Student of Dr. Jeremy Starr – 12th Grade, Lumen Scholar Institute
J. S. Bach, Violin Sonata I, Siciliana (BWV 1001) (violin)

Kelsey Berges, age 17, began her study of piano at age 8. She has been working under her teacher, Daniel Olsen, for the past 7 years. She has been a finalist in several competitions including the Encore Keyboard Competition, Encore Solo Festival, and the UMTA Performance Evaluations, receiving
superior scores. Kelsey began to teach her own piano lessons at age 12 and has been doing it ever since, as she enjoys sharing her love of piano with others. Besides the piano, Kelsey also plays a variety of other instruments, including percussion, electric/acoustic guitar, ukulele, organ, and the violin in the top orchestra at her high school. Some of her other interests include ceramics, running cross country and track, watching Studio Ghibli movies, hiking, and learning Chinese.

Student of Daniel Olsen – Junior, Timpview High School
J. S. Bach, Partita No. 1 in B flat Major, Prelude, Allamande, and Gigue (BWV 825) (piano)

Katherine Ricks, age 17, began playing piano in 2009 at the age of 5. She is the second of six children, who all play the piano as well. In addition to the piano, Katherine has been playing violin for the past 10 years. Right now she is participating in the Hawaii Youth Symphony Program. When she’s not practicing music, Katherine enjoys reading, going to the beach, hiking, and watching movies with her family. She was recently accepted to BYU Provo and plans on attending there in the fall.

Student of Daniel Olsen – Senior, Utah Online School
J. S. Bach, English Suite No. 3, Prelude (BWV 808) (piano)

Zach Richter, age 15, started learning to play the piano when he was 6 years old, and has continued to improve in his musical abilities. He is the third child of four and the only boy in his family. He loves playing soccer, mountain biking, playing pickleball and basketball, and currently runs track for Lone Peak High school. He enjoys learning classical music, as well as contemporary. He has earned many superior ratings for past festival ensembles. He looks forward to learning to drive, going to high school, and continuing practicing the piano.

Student of Maria Heward – 9th Grade, Timberline Middle School
J. S. Bach, Italian Concerto in F Major (BWV 971) (piano)

Dawson Rasmussen is a 16 year old Sophomore at American Leadership Academy and Concurrent Enrollment student at Utah Valley University. He has loved playing the piano since he was 8 years old and studied under Jake Galovich for several years, and for the last 2 years, Daniel Olsen. He plays
professionally for weddings, parties, benefit concerts, church and recently had the opportunity to be the accompanist for the opening act of BYU’s Vocal Point. Dawson is the proud piano teacher to 14 young students and enjoys sharing his love of music with them. He is a member of the National Honor Society, HOSA and National Champion Show Choir, Evolution. In his spare time, he loves to date, be with family and hang out with his Mini Goldendoodle, Banks.

Student of  Daniel Olsen – Sophomore, American Leadership Academy
J. S. Bach, Prelude and Fugue in C minor from Well-Tempered Clavier (BWV847) (piano)

Logan Purser, age 15, lives in Lehi, Utah. He recently received an honorable mention at the 2021 Southern California Viola Society Youth Competition in conjunction with the Primrose International Viola Competition, where he was also invited to perform in a masterclass for the American Viola Society. Other recent accomplishments include placing first in the Utah ASTA 2021 chamber competition, 2nd in the 2021 Utah OPUS competition, being chosen as a finalist in the Utah Symphony’s 2021 Salute to Youth competition, and landing an essay on Mapprs aboard the Perseverance rover. Logan studies viola with Emily Barrett Brown and Mick Wetzel and is a member of the Gifted Music School’s scholarship conservatory program in Salt Lake City, Utah. His passion for music is matched only by his passion for fine automobiles.

Student of Kelly McConkie Stewart – 8th Grade, Home School
J. S. Bach, Cello suite No. 2 in D minor, IV. Sarabande (BWV 1008) (cello)

Exhibition Performances by Junior Performers

In addition to the finalists performances, several junior performers also participated.

left to right: Dawson Rasmussen, Logan Purser, Blake Purser, Kelsey Berges, Katherine Ricks, Lyle Spencer, Ella Madsen, Madalyn Thiriot, Zach Richter, Alina Baron, Whitney Baron.

Blake Purser, cello – 8th Grade, Home School
Student of Kelly McConkie Stewart
J. S. Bach, Cello Suite No. 2 in D minor Saraband (BWV 1008)

Whitney Baron, violin (7th Grade, My Tech High) and Alina Baron, violin
Student of Chandelle Fairbanks
J. S. Bach, Concerto in D minor for 2 Violins, 3rd movement (BWV 1043)

2020 Award Recipients

In this very unusual year during the COVID19 worldwide pandemic, we are grateful that a plan was worked out for these wonderfully gifted performers to showcase their study of the music of the Baroque era.

The judges were delighted with so much beautiful playing.  While they looked at how well you played the piece and the difficulty of the piece, they also focused on Baroque interpretation.  It was very difficult to make a decision, but they decided on two 1st place winners: Anna Davis and Rachel Johnson.  

1st Place Winners

Anna Davis (American Fork High School)
JS Bach, Prelude and Fugue No. 15 in G Major, BWV 884

Anna Davis, age 16, is the daughter of Judy and Preston Davis in Cedar Hills. She began her study of the piano at age 3 and has been working under her teacher, Daniel Olsen, for the past 6 years. Since then, Anna has had the opportunity to play in numerous competitions and festivals which include 1st place in the Solo Encore Competition, finalist of the Utah Concerto Competition, and 2nd place in the UVU Piano Scholarship Competition. In addition to her classical studies, Anna also has enjoyed accompanying, performing for religious congregations, improvisation, and playing for the advanced Jazz band at her school. In addition to the piano, Anna is a member of the National Honor Society, Service Club, Spanish Club, Choir, and is a Student Body Officer at her school. Lettering on the AFHS tennis team this year, she was was a quarter finalist of the region lV tournament. In her spare time, Anna enjoys skiing with her family, playing sports with her friends, and taking walks around her block.

Rachel Johnson (Cedar Valley High School, 9th)
French Suite #5 – Gigue by J.S. Bach (BWV 816)

Rachel Johnson, age 14, started piano with her dad, Carl, at the age of 5. This gave her a great foundation when she began studying with Janae Williams at 9 years old. Under Dr. Williams’ tutelage she has participated in the full range of Encore events annually, from Music Projects Fair (three-time Grand Prize Winner) to various performance festivals (which typically have led to Honors recitals by scoring in the top 15%). Rachel also plays flute and oboe and, in her first year of eligibility, qualified on oboe at the Region Solo and Ensemble Festival to perform at the State Festival. She is a proud member of both CVHS Wind Symphony and Crimson Regiment Marching Band and was named one of four Drum Majors for next season. Rachel sings in the CVHS Encore choir, has participated in numerous school musical theater productions, and plays the organ at church. She has traveled extensively with her parents and is a certified scuba diver.


Susanna Clark (Orem High School, 12th)
Prelude and Fugue in D Minor-JS Bach, BWV 875

Susanna Clark is a 17 year-old senior at Orem High School where she is a member of student council and runs on the cross country and track teams. She’s the second of six children, and loves to hike and backpack in the deserts of southern Utah with her family. She doesn’t have much free time, but when she does, she enjoys being outside doing gymnastics or playing basketball with her siblings. She will attend BYU in the fall. Susanna started taking piano lessons as a seven-year-old, and since then has had many opportunities to play the piano in different settings–as the pianist for jazz band, accompanist for choirs and soloists, and as a solo performer for church and community events.

Kelsey Berges (Timpview High School, 9th)
Prelude and Fugue in E-Minor, BWV 900 by Johann Sebastian Bach

Kelsey is 15 years old and has been playing the piano for 7 years. She plays a variety of instruments, but her first love is piano. She also loves to run cross county, teach piano lessons and watch movies with her friends. Kelsey is a freshmen at Timpview High School. She has been in the Chinese Dual Language Immersion program where she has been taking Chinese for 9 years. Kelsey would like to major in piano performance and pedagogy in college. Kelsey was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to her parents, Brad and Brooke Berges. She has an older brother, an older sister and a younger sister. She is excited to be able to perform in the Baroque Ensemble Competition.

Brenley Mason (Lone Peak High School, 12th)
Toccata by Girolamo Frescobaldi

Brenley Mason is 17 years old and attends Lone Peak high school. She began taking violin lessons at the age of 5, and began learning viola at age 6. be She has since participated in advanced orchestras and chamber music groups and will continue her musical education at college next year.

Henry Nielson (Timpview High School, 11th)
Johann Sebastian Bach, Prelude and Fugue No. 12 in F minor BWV 881

Henry P. Nielson, age 16, began studying piano at a young age. He enjoys playing everything he can get his hands on, from classical music to jazz to film scores. He is a junior at timpview high school, where he enjoys most of his subjects (besides AP chemistry). He enjoys reading, sleeping, traveling, eating, playing ultimate frisbee, arguing about politics (he wants to be a politician), watching movies, practicing piano 40 hours daily, swimming, biking, hanging out with friends, and listening to music. His favorite music is Elton John, and his favorite type of food is all types of food. Henry was also a finalist last year.

Thys Hansen (Timpanogos High School, 11th)
JS Bach, 3rd movement of Italian Concerto BMV 971

Thys Hansen, age 16, attends Timpanogos High school where he runs varsity cross country and track. This past fall they placed second at state in cross country. He started playing the piano back in 2008, played the viola for the school orchestra, and now accompanies ward choir.

Spencer Lyle (Lumen Scholar Institute, 10th)
Johann Sebastian Bach Sonata 1, Adagio. BWV number: 1001

Spencer Lyle, age 15, began learning the violin at age six, and has continued to grow and learn in the art of music. He has competed in the Utah Valley String Festival several times, getting perfect/near perfect scores every time. He graduated from Suzuki book 10 in February, 2018, and is currently working on the Bruch violin concertos, along with the marvelous works of Bach. Spencer’s current music teacher is Dr. Jeremy Starr.

Lauren Jacob (Mountain View High School, 11th)
Cello Suite No. 3 in C Major, BWV 1009: VI. Gigue by JS Bach

Lauren Jacob is 17 years old she is the middle of 5 kids. Lauren began playing the cello in 2010 and has been studying with Megan Boyle since 2012. Lauren is in her 8th year of participating in the Lyceum Orchestras at American Heritage which have given her opportunities to play beautiful music with several amazing musicians in a lot of cool places. She loves playing in orchestra and has had the opportunity to solo with the Lyceum Symphonic strings twice, as well as with the Lehi community orchestra and the Lakeridge Chamber orchestra. Other ways that Lauren loves to use her music are serving others and playing trios with her sisters. Some of her other interests include choir, mock trial, playing basketball, reading, writing, and spending time with friends and family.

2019 Award Recipients

Julia Ruth Johnson (1st place, harp)

L to R: Martha Sargent (UBE Conductor and Judge), Joshua Dew (finalist, cello), Sahara Parker (finalist, violin), Thys Hansen (finalist, piano), Henry Nielson (finalist, pian0), Julia Ruth Johnson (1st place, harp), Anna Davis (finalist, piano), Alex Woods (BYU professor, judge)

2018 Finalists

L to R: Martha Sargent (UBE Conductor and Judge), Rachel Call (1st place winner, violin), Ariel Wong (2nd place winner, piano), Hannah Brown (finalist, cello), Jessica Jensen (finalist, piano), Benson Marshall (finalist, cello), Taya Tippetts

2017 Finalists

Back row: Aubrey Woods (judge), Hanna Cook (violin), Amanda Hofheins (cello), Aidan Erickson (piano), Jayden Monson (piano, first place winner), Benjamin Arnesen (piano), Roselle Stevenson (Emcee) Front row: Martha Sargent (UBE conductor & judge), Emily Wilson (bassoon), Julia Johnson (harp), Rachel Call (violin), Jessica Jensen (piano, second place winner), John D. Lamb (UBE singer & organizer)

2017 Winners

Jayden Monson

Jessica Jensen

2016 Winners

Kate Christiansen (piano)
Kate Christiansen (piano)
Madison Marshall (violin)
Madison Marshall (violin)

2015 Results

Back:  L to R: Alexander Hawker, Emma Jensen, Cassidy Erickson, Rachel Jacobs, Zachary Eliason, Miriam Wagstaff
Front: L to R: Mischael Staples, Serena Peterson

The Utah Baroque Ensemble would like to announce the results of their 7th annual scholarship competition, held on Friday, March 27th at the Orem Public Library.  Eight outstanding Utah County students selected as finalists performed for the public that evening. The recital was emceed by Roselle Stevenson.

Miriam Wagstaff, age 14, from Pleasant Grove, received the $500 first-prize scholarship. She performed the 1stand 3rd movements of Arcangelo Corelli’s violin sonata no.1. She will perform again on Sunday, April 26th at the Utah Baroque Ensemble concert in Orem. A second scholarship of $300 was awarded to Alexander Hawker, a senior from Springville.  He performed the Violin Sonata no. 5 (“La Folia”), also by Corelli, and will perform at the UBE concert on April 19th in Provo. For more information on the concerts, go to www.utahbaroque.org.

The other six finalists, each receiving a $100 scholarship were: Zachary Eliason, a sophomore and Mischael Staples, a junior, both attending Timpview High School; Cassidy Erickson, a senior attending Springville High School; Rachel Jacob, a junior and Serena Peterson, a senior, both attending Mountain View High School;  and Emma Jensen, a senior attending American Fork High School.



Scholarship Winner:

Catherine Winters, flute
Senior, Timpanogos High School
Telemann, Fantasia in A minor
Student of Elizabeth Weissman


Alexander Hawker, violin
Junior, Springville High School
J.S. Bach, Allemanda from Partita #2
Student of Monte Belknap

Benjamin Arnesen, piano
Home School
J.S. Bach, Prelude and Fugue #19 in A Major
Student of Amy Merkely

Marilyn Hulme, harp
Senior, Orem High School
G.F. Handel, Concerto in Bb Maj.,  1st mov.
Student of Julie Staples

Adrienne Williams, violin
Senior, Mountain View High School
J.S. Bach, Sarabande from Partita #2
Student of Monte Belknap

Marilyn Matthews, piano
Junior, Orem High School
J.S. Bach, Prelude & Fugue #6 in D minor
Student of Carol Cherry

Sven Jamsa, cello
Junior, Salem Hills High School
J.S. Bach, Gigue from Suite #1
Student of Lareita Berky

Joseph Arnesen, viola
Senior, Pleasant Grove High School
J.S. Bach, Prelude from Suite #3
Student of David Dalton


Scholarship Winner:
Lincoln Bergeson, junior, Orem High School, piano
3rd movement of Italian Concerto, J.S. Bach

Chris Kirkham, sophomore, Timpview High School, piano
Sonata K27, Domenico Scarlatti

Jaantje and Ambrynn Bowman, sophomore and senior, American Leadership Academy, cello
Double Cello Concerto in g minor 2nd mov. RV 531, Antonio Vivaldi

Sidsie Vaughn, senior, Orem, home school, piano
Prelude and Fugue in E BWV 854, J.S. Bach

Teya Jensen, senior, UCAS, flute
Concerto No. 1 in E., (Spring), Op. 8, 1st mov. (Spring), Allegro, Antoinio Vivaldi

Alex Hawker and Cassidy Erickson, sophomores, Springville High School, violin
Concerto in d for 2 violins, 3rd mvt.,BWV 1043, J.S., Bach

Maren Hansen, senior, Maple Mountain High School, flute
Sonta in Eb major, 1st and 2nd mvts., BWV 1031, J.S. Bach


Scholarship Winner:
John Wilson, senior, Timpview High School, cello
Sarabande and Gigue from the third Cello suite, J.S. Bach

Nick Kirkham, freshman, Timpview High School, piano
Sinfonia 2, J.S. Bach

Brandon Dee Leavitt, senior, Spanish Fork High School, piano
Fifth Partita in G major, 1st movement, J.S. Bach

Elizabeth Winters, senior, Pleasant Grove High School, piano
Chromatic Fugue in d minor, J.S. Bach

Hyrum Arnesen, senior, Pleasant Grove High School, piano
Prelude & Fugue in C, J.S. Bach


Scholarship Winner: (Tie)
Laura Mosdell, piano, sophomore at Maple Mountain High School
Little Prelude and Fughetta in G minor by J.S. Bach 

Ethan Sherman, viola, 8th, Centennial Middle School
Minuet I, II, and Gigue from Cello Suite #1, transcribed for viola, by J.S. Bach.

Lincoln Bergeson, piano, freshman, Canyon View Junior High
Sinfonia and Sarabande from Partita #2 in C minor by J.S. Bach

Karen Baldwin, senior, Orem High School
Sonata in G major, 2nd movement, by G. P. Telemann

Nathan Shawcroft, violin, junior, Pleasant Grove High School
Partita #3, first movement, by J.S. Bach


Scholarship Winner:
Rebekah Willey, sophomore, Pleasant Grove High School, violin
Two movements from violin sonata Op. 5, #1 by Arcangelo Corelli

Lincoln Bergeson, 8th grade, Canyon View Junior High, piano
Italian Concerto, 1st movement, J.S. Bach

Brandon Dee Leavitt, sophomore, Spanish Fork  High School, piano
Partita No. 1 in Bb major, Allemande by J.S. Bach, 1st movement

Joseph Van Duren, junior, Mountain View High School, cello
Suite No. 3 in C major for unaccompanied cello, Prelude, by J.S. Bach.


Julia Bearce, sophomore, Timpanogos High School, violin
Gavotte by Jean-Philippe Rameau

Scholarship Winner:
Julia Bearce, sophomore, Timpanogos High School, violin
Gavotte by Jean-Philippe Rameau

Sarah Miner, senior, Mountain View High School, flute
Suite in a minor by Georg Philip Telemann

Lincoln Bergeson, 7th grade, Canyon View Junior High School, piano
Invention # 14, by Johann Sebastian Bach

Dallin Heath, sophomore, Orem High School, French horn
Sicilienne by Johann Sebastian Bach