Auditions are held two to three times a year. If you would like us to contact you for our next auditions, please fill out the form below.

The audition consists of four parts.

  1. An information sheet to fill out with your contact information, voice part, singing experience, and expertise or interest in an area of service to the choir.
  2. Some vocalizing to hear your range, vocal quality and agility.
  3. A prepared song–can be a solo piece, but we often hear a hymn (an accompanist is provided).
  4. A little sight-reading with a quartet from the choir, doubling your part, then carrying it alone.

We are looking for singers with good intonation, refined vowels, very little vibrato, a sound that blends with our group.

We are delighted to find good sight-readers of pitch and rhythm, who can adapt to suggestions, and are comfortable in languages–especially Latin and German.

We look forward to seeing and hearing you.